Getting paid: which payment gateway should I use to sell my products or services?

When it comes to selling your products or services online, there are essentially two components at work.

First, there is your platform or cart (e.g. WooCommerce); second, your payment gateway (the service which connects to your cart to process the charge and disburse the funds to your bank account.)

Depending on the nature of your business, there are numerous payment gateways available to you. While a few of our clients rely on large, commercial purchase orders and NET30 style invoicing, most want to be paid immediately, as the sale is transacted.

For this purpose, with very few exceptions, we prefer and recommend Stripe.

Stripe is a mature, reliable and drop-dead easy-to-use method of processing credit card payments from just about any source, in any currency, around the world.

It may also be worth considering an additional payment gateway like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or even PayPal. These providers often grant the consumer additional purchase protections and are trusted, household names.

Finally, we trust that you’re aware that many governments enact additional regulations around the handling of sensitive payment details. We are not attorneys, we don’t play them on TV and we cannot give any specific guidance in this department; please consult with a qualified professional.


  • Use Stripe
  • Consider using Apple Pay, Amazon Pay or PayPal for their brand name recognition, trust and convenience factor.

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