Delegating access to your accounts

The need to share access to an internet-based account–with your employees, contractors or vendors–is a fact of life in all things technology.

We take the security of your information very seriously and would like to recommend a few best practices for sharing access to your internet accounts (whether with us or someone else).

While you can always provide us your login via this secure form, we’d prefer and recommend you simply delegate access to your account(s) instead. Advantages include:

  • The capability to provide granular, “need to know” access to specific account features, while disallowing access to anything else;
  • The capability to revoke access when it’s no longer needed;
  • Reduced exposure to your other accounts (while re-use of passwords is a bad idea, it’s also the status quo);

While use of services like LastPass is certainly a dramatic improvement, they’re less than ideal because you’re now placing all of your proverbial eggs in one basket.

Most vendors recognize that being able to share access — securely — is important. It’s also in their best interests, as it reduces their exposure to costly breaches or even the threat of legal action. As such, chances are that your provider has published an article which will walk you through the necessary steps.

Below, we’ve also provided a handful of direct links to guidance published by some of the more providers we commonly work with.

Note: if you’re granting us access to your WordPress website, please take a look at this article for how-to guidance.

Step-by-step guidance for some of the vendors we regularly work with

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