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We're search engine optimization for business owners who want to drive highly qualified leads without having to spend a fortune in PPC ads

Why us? Here's why

Pleasing the gods of Google doesn't require slathering your blog posts with spammy looking tag clouds. We'll help you to identify and rank for the keywords that will make the greatest impact to your bottom line, with the least effort.

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A Comprehensive Plan

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the product of many factors, which may be thought of of in terms of three, core pillars:

Technical. Including a variety of choices made with respect to your theme, plugins and host.

Strategic. Including the capability to identify cost-effective keyword opportunities, strengths and weaknesses in your relevant competitors and generate important back links.

Content. Including appropriate use of keywords throughout your website's copy as well as proper markup which Google can readily crawl.

We'll begin with a comprehensive assessment of each of these phases. The report will detail what's already working well and what could be better and close with recommended next steps which are both specific and actionable.

Keyword Research and Strategy

Keyword research is both an art and a science, but the bottom line is that many businesses enjoy dozens of powerful, profitable keyword opportunities that they're simply unaware of.

We'll work with you to identify a full range of cost-effective keywords which are likely to attract highly-qualified customers searching for your products and services.

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Keyword Rank Tracking

As a subscriber, you'll receive a scheduled, weekly report which demonstrates your progress over time, along the full range of selected keywords.

The report will also provide this same tracking for up to three of your competitors over the range of keywords.

Onsite Optimizations

The process of optimizing your website spans an extensive list of technical decisions and adjustments, but it all boils down to:

(1) Making it easy for Google to index your relevant content, and

(2) Emphasizing the information that will maximize customer click through from search results.

We'll provide detailed but actionable advice and we can quarterback the implementation phase as well.

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Ready to be Found?

As soon as you initiate your payment, you'll be redirected to a brief survey which will help us to prepare your assessment.

Once you've provided these details, we'll deliver your initial report within 72 hours.